In cooperation with SamacSys, we offer engineers a straightforward and free click-&-drop tool for schematic symbole, PCB footprints and 3D models that can be integrated into all common ECAD tools.



Start now! We explain here step by step how to use the schematic symbols and PCB footprints correctly:


  1. Download the Library Loader here
    (We recommend Firefox browser for download)

  2. Install Library Loader
    The free Library Loader software is needed to convert the PCB parts libraries to the file format of your ECAD tool.
  3. Start Library Loader from the desktop shortcut 
  4. Open your ECAD tool, the libraries will be loaded automatically.

  5. Alternatively, when searching for components in our online shop, you can click on the ECAD model icon and move it into your design. After selection, the schematic symbols, PCB footprints and 3D models are immediately available for you to use.

  6. If a component does not have an icon or footprint when you click on the download icon, you can have it created by SamacSys or request a component. Use the SamacSys wizard to create both the schematic symbol and the PCB footprint. To request a part, please fill out the required information including your email address. Once the engineering team has completed your order, SamacSys will contact you!


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