As universal as your application: The USB connector series

It is impossible to imagine computer systems without the universal serial bus. Almost every peripheral device has at least one interface according to the USB standard, thus enabling uncomplicated and secure use of the hardware.
In the development of devices and systems, USB interfaces are therefore often used due to the easy parameterization and uncomplicated requirement of mechanical specifications.
econ connect offers a wide range of USB connector series according to all common standards. Whether simple USB 2.0 Type A sockets for PCB mounting, stacked USB 3.0 sockets or current USB 3.1 Type C variants - econ connect can provide you with the right solution for all common USB generations.

Depending on the type and design, mounting is possible for the PCB as SMT, THT or via solder connection.
Here you can find an overview of all available articles, dimensional drawings, PCB layouts and further technical data. If your preferred variant is not listed, please send us your inquiry.

Friday, May 31, 2024

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