For good communication: The modular connectors from econ connect

RJ connectors have been the standard in computer network and telecommunications cabling for decades. The US-American standard has been able to establish itself thanks to its simple, robust and at the same time reliable design.

econ connect offers you the complete range of RJ connectors for use in your devices or for assembling your cable solutions. Receptacles for PCB mounting in SMT or THT design as well as connectors in shielded or unshielded variants for cable assembly are available. The common standards from RJ10 (4pin), RJ11 (6pin) over RJ45 (8pin) up to RJ50 (10pin) are available.

An overview of all available versions as well as further technical information and data sheets can be found in our online store. Many of the articles can also be selected immediately as components for a cable assembly request.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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