Low voltage and telephone connectors

With the extension of its product range by low voltage and telephone connectors, econ connect now provides high-quality products for use in the fields of measurement & testing and model making.

The HOB25 series includes H0 sockets with 2.5 mm bore for insulated installation, are suitable for operating voltages of up to 60 V and can be loaded up to 10 A. The nickel-plated contact made of brass and the insulating bodies made of ABS, which are available in different colors, ensure a safe connection.

With the HOS25 series, the matching H0 connector is available for direct mounting on stranded wires and wires. The possibility to connect two stranded wires is offered by the complementary H0 couplings of the HOK25 series.

With the series TB40 chassis sockets for 4 mm banana or multiple spring plugs are available. An operating voltage of up to 60 V with a load capacity of up to 24 A provide for flexible application possibilities. This series is also available in different colors for reliable coding.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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