Replace components easily: The IC flat sockets from econ connect

The IC flat sockets from econ connect are suitable for all components in DIL/DIP housings that are to remain flexibly exchangeable on the PCB. The sockets, which are equipped with machined pins, impress with their precision manufacturing and hold the plugged-in components securely in place, even in the event of strong vibration.

The open insulating body still allows access to the PCB and at the same time ensures optimum cooling. The special pin design 100% prevents flux from entering the mating zone. A wicking effect is also avoided.

With pole numbers from 6 pole to 40 pole and mating widths of 7.62 mm, 10.16 mm and 15.24 mm, the longitudinally and laterally stackable sockets are suitable for all common components in DIL/DIP housings.

Here you can find an overview of the available versions as well as further technical information and data sheets.

Friday, September 22, 2023

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